How to (possibly) fix the Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti Freeze

happy rage guy

You know what’s more frustrating than a slow PC? A good PC that freezes for apparently no good reason! There you are… looking at p.. pictures of cute kitties on the internet, when BAM! Your mouse freezes. – No problem, you say, while hitting ALT+CTRL+DEL, but to […]

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MB WordPress Calendar 1.4 has been released!

MB WordPress Calendar preview

Packed with a couple of exciting features and a few bug fixes, version 1.4 of MB WordPress Calendar has just been released! So what’s new? First of all, the theme was completely redesigned and it includes 6 color schemes. Also, you can enable the users to select […]

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How to create a translation for your calendar

MB WordPress enables you to create translations and assign them to calendars. You can access the translations page by clicking on the MB WP Calendar menu item. Here you can add new translations or delete unwanted ones. To add a translation click on the Add New link […]

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Getting Started with MB WordPress Calendar: Creating an event

Now we can set up events for our newly created calendar, by following these 4 easy steps: Step 1 Access the Add New Event page by clicking on the Add New link on the left side bar menu or from the all events page. Step 2 Write […]

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Getting Started with MB WordPress Calendar: Creating a calendar

Once you have installed and activated MB WordPress Calendar, the Calendars menu item will be made available on the left side bar of your WordPress admin. A calendar is a collection of events and multiple calendars can be used at once. To create a calendar follow these […]

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Getting Started with MB WordPress Calendar: Installation

Automatic Installation The automatic installation is the easiest method of installing MB WordPress Calendar and can be done by following these steps: Log in to your WordPress admin panel. Go to Plugins > Add New, and then select Upload. On this page, select the mb-wordpress-calendar.zip file you […]

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Retrieving unfiltered input in Joomla 2.5+

While Joomla 2.5+ provides a neat way of retrieving filtered input, working with unfiltered input is not as straight forward. Retrieving input in Joomla 2.5+ is done by using JInput. We can access the JInput object like this: JFactory::getApplication()->input; If we are retrieving more values, it would […]

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MB Calendar


Ladies and gentleman, I want to present to you my latest WordPress plugin: MB Calendar, the FREE version of MB WordPress Calendar! Description Requirements: PHP 5 or greater WordPress 3.0 or greater No coding skills Features Changeable first day of the week Create unlimited calendars Each calendar […]

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Joomla Tips and Tricks – Use an IDE to create a project for your component

places com_content

When developing a Joomla component, browsing between the administrator and front-end components directories, not to mention the language directories can be very time consuming and annoying. In my current tutorial I will give you some tips and tricks on how to save your time and nerves. It’s […]

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The zombie laptop

March 2012 – my poor laptop’s hard disk passed away (two weeks after its warranty expired)… For a good while, my laptop did not turn on… But I kept pushing the button from time to time anyway. It was to no avail… Until one day, when it […]

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