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How to (possibly) fix the Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti Freeze

happy rage guy

You know what’s more frustrating than a slow PC? A good PC that freezes for apparently no good reason! There you are… looking at p.. pictures of cute kitties on the internet, when BAM! Your mouse freezes. – No problem, you say, while hitting ALT+CTRL+DEL, but to […]

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Retrieving unfiltered input in Joomla 2.5+

While Joomla 2.5+ provides a neat way of retrieving filtered input, working with unfiltered input is not as straight forward. Retrieving input in Joomla 2.5+ is done by using JInput. We can access the JInput object like this: JFactory::getApplication()->input; If we are retrieving more values, it would […]

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MB Calendar


Ladies and gentleman, I want to present to you my latest WordPress plugin: MB Calendar, the FREE version of MB WordPress Calendar! Description Requirements: PHP 5 or greater WordPress 3.0 or greater No coding skills Features Changeable first day of the week Create unlimited calendars Each calendar […]

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Joomla Tips and Tricks – Use an IDE to create a project for your component

places com_content

When developing a Joomla component, browsing between the administrator and front-end components directories, not to mention the language directories can be very time consuming and annoying. In my current tutorial I will give you some tips and tricks on how to save your time and nerves. It’s […]

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The zombie laptop

March 2012 – my poor laptop’s hard disk passed away (two weeks after its warranty expired)… For a good while, my laptop did not turn on… But I kept pushing the button from time to time anyway. It was to no avail… Until one day, when it […]

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MB WordPress Calendar

MB WordPress Calendar logo

Ladies and gentleman, I want to present to you my latest WordPress plugin: MB WordPress Calendar! It is a versatile and powerful calendar/event system for your WordPress website, packed with lots of nice features like: Create unlimited calendars Each calendar and event can be customized using a […]

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PHP date validation

Validating a date using PHP is pretty straightforward and easy and there are plenty of methods out there of doing this, but I want to show you a few of my own methods. The function below takes two strings as parameters, $date (e.g.: 12/13/2012) and $format (valid […]

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Highly optimistic PHP function

highly optimistic php function

The PHP function, checkdate, should be a lesson to all the pessimistic folks out there saying the world will end and such things! Here’s why: That’s the spirit, checkdate!

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Javascript date validation

Working on a WordPress calendar plugin, I needed some kind of Javascript date validation. As JS doesn’t have a native date validation function, I googled a bit and came across various validation methods, from REGEX to some overcomplicated stuff, so I decided to write my own function. […]

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Google Suggestions Tricks


Need to do a quick unit conversion or calculation without using any special tools? Well, if you happen to use Firefox or IE (having Google selected as a search engine), or, obviously, Google Chrome, then you can use the search box to do just that. Simply write […]

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