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English fail

english fail

No comment =)

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Watermark My Image Standalone Class

sample image2

Following the small success of my WordPress plugin, Watermark My Image, I have decided to upgrade the image manipulation capabilities of the script. So, ladies and gentleman, let me present to you: Watermark My Image Standalone Class. As its name suggests, it’s a standalone script, not a

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Python and Django Part 1

In my last article, PHP vs Python Part 1, I was writing about how much I love Python. Although it’s a great programming language packed with lots of nice libraries and other neat stuff, if you are looking to build a web app, then a framework will

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PHP vs Python Part 1

php vs python

Even though I started my web developer life with PHP, which at that moment I liked very much, once I layed my eyes on Python it was love at 1st sight. My nerdmones (nerd hormones) were all over the place. It was beautiful, just beautiful. The 1st

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Captcha fail

captcha fail

isc… DAFAQ ?!

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A new

It’s been a while since I last posted anything on my blog, so I decided to star writing again. From now on I’m going to write most of my entries in English, so everybody can understand, but I may also write in Romanian from time to time

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Watermark My Image

Description This plugin enables you to watermark your images, by placing a simple, yet very customizable, watermark beneath the original images (much like the 9GAG watermark). You can customize the height, the background color of the watermark, you can also choose which image sizes to apply the

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The Fast Food Tax

1st the vice tax… they say alcohol and cigarettes are bad and their consumption must be discouraged by imposing a higher price. Well, yeah, they are bad in excess, but who do they think they fool with this tax? How many smokers have quit because of it?

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The anthem of the Romanian emigrant

Here’s a song which describes, in a funny way (well… actually there’s nothing funny about Romanian emigrants trying’ to earn some money to stay alive), the life of most Romanian emigrants: A lot of the hard working Romanian emigrants are being discriminated against, because of the fewer

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