How to (possibly) fix the Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti Freeze

You know what’s more frustrating than a slow PC? A good PC that freezes for apparently no good reason!

There you are… looking at p.. pictures of cute kitties on the internet, when BAM! Your mouse freezes.

- No problem, you say, while hitting ALT+CTRL+DEL, but to no avail. Then you try Alohomora and some other things, soon to realize that your whole PC is more frozen than the iceberg that hit the Titanic.

- Arghhh!!! Damn computer, you scream! Nothing left but to restart…

Windows boots. You open up Firefox to watch kitties again. A few minutes pass.. And then.. BAM! Your computer freezes again.

- FFFFUUUUU! Whyyyy?! What could be wrong?

You try a few things like removing a memory module, then switching it with the other. But your computer still freezes. You try some more “tricks”. Nothing. Then you remove your Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti graphics card and use the integrated graphics. And there it is! Hallelujah! Your computer doesn’t freeze anymore. You finally find the culprit. It’s your damn graphics card. The one you spent quite a lot of money on.

But it’s strange, though. It doesn’t freezes when you play video games. It just freezes when browsing the internet or even when no application is running.

So you google it. You google it high and low. Seems it’s a driver problem. A lot of people report it may have something to do with the HD Audio Driver. You uninstall it. No freezes yet! But after some time… BAM! There’s the freeze again! That didn’t fix the problem! You uninstall the rest of the Nvidia drivers – 3D Vision Controll Driver, 3D Vision Driver and Nvidia GeForce Experience. It didn’t help…

And you give up. Broken. Living with the fear that your computer will freeze on you in the most inappropriate moments.

Freeze after freeze… You endure.

Until one day, when you get this strange feeling… A revelation!device manager

You go straight for the Windows Device Manager, expand the Sound, video and game controllers tree and there it is: NVIDIA High Definition Audio.

- I thought I removed the HD Audio Drivers, why are those still there?!

You try to uninstall them, so that they only get installed back by Windows. So you disabled them.

A day has passed. Then a week. No freezes! The curse is broken!

Or is it waiting for that cruel moment when you get your hopes high, so that it can kick you in the nuts! Hard! And bring you down again?

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