Watermark My Image Standalone Class

Following the small success of my WordPress plugin, Watermark My Image, I have decided to upgrade the image manipulation capabilities of the script.

So, ladies and gentleman, let me present to you: Watermark My Image Standalone Class.

As its name suggests, it’s a standalone script, not a plugin, BUT it may be the laying foundation for a premium version of WordPress Watermark My Image.

So if you want a nice and simple watermarking script, which can also watermark animated GIFs (ImageMagick is required for this), why not give it a go? It’s cheaper than a pizza!

  1. :-?? eu nu inteleg ce face prog asta pana la urma ? cafea?

  2. It’s a PHP class used for watermarking.

  3. Your script looks great. How can I adapt this script in order to use it on a WordPress site for images above a certain size (say, above 950 pixel wide)?

  4. Hello Diego,

    I’m glad you like my little watermarking script.

    You can try Watermark My Image for WordPress, but it’s functionality isn’t as rich..

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