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The Fast Food Tax – Marian Bucur

The Fast Food Tax

1st the vice tax… they say alcohol and cigarettes are bad and their consumption must be discouraged by imposing a higher price.
Well, yeah, they are bad in excess, but who do they think they fool with this tax? How many smokers have quit because of it? I don’t think there were too many who did… My mom is still smoking like always. Did this tax reduce the number of consumers? I really doubt that. Did the government get lots of money from this? F yeah… And what is the Romanian government doing with the money? Hell knows…

And now… a cutter tax: the fast food tax. That means they’re putting taxes on fast foods, sweets, sodas etc etc. WTF ?! What’s next? A tax for unprotected sex, or on sunflower seeds cause you go to the bathroom too much ?

I just love Romania, politics and money…

  1. me 2 :D

  2. I don’t understand why don’t you leave… Who’s keeping you here? Or what?

  3. Leave where ? :P

  4. Congo sounds good :P

  5. I’d prefer Hawaii :D

    But if we all leave, because something bothers us about the idiots who are in the lead of the country, what will become of Romania ?

  6. A tax or higher tax on such products that directly affect a persons health is not a bad thing. Yes your government, much like ours here in Canada, raise these taxes after extensive research has been done on such products & found that they are a higher risk than, lets say, milk or bread…our taxes weren’t raised on the necessities of life, has Romania’s?
    If I were to be a betting man, I’d say you either smoke, drink alcohol &/or eat out @ fast food restaurants…and yes, so do many others but I think you’ve just got a grudge that you can’t let go. Deal with it, it’s NOT the first time a government has put a tax on or has raised a tax on harmful products & it’s not going to be the last…so if you’re not already over it, get over it & have a good day :)
    PS: Good luck to Romania in South Africa 2010 (World Cup)

  7. If they are so concerned about people’s health why don’t they ban cigarettes, for example? Maybe because they don’t really give a damn about our health and this stuff brings the government a lot of money?

    You say a tax of products which affect a person’s health is not a bad thing.. Well, I see things differently: I gotta pay more money from my own pocket to buy things which affect my own health. What the hell? If I wanna ruin my own health, I’m free to do it. It’s my health and I can do whatever I wish with it. Now I gotta pay for it?

    They should tax themselves for making people’s lives miserable (they fired a lot of people, cut salaries etc). That has a much greater impact on people’s health than some freakin` kebabs.

    I’m eating at fast food restaurants and drinking like usual, so I don’t see this tax making me cut down the consumption…

    The fast food tax is just another retarded thing politics throws at us…

    PS: Thx, but I’m not a football fan :P

  8. Okay okay, I see your point(s) & don’t totally disagree with you. I of course hate when they raise taxes on most any product unless it’s just raising it due to the cost of living.

    You said it, you gotta pay for those products that affect your health, that’s the point exactly & you ARE free to continue to do so, it’ll just cost a bit more.

    They’re not wanting everyone in the country to continue to buy those products, they’re expecting that the lower income families that can’t afford them or the head of those families / bank accounts will stop, in order to save lives of their fellow country men, women & mainly their children…as they are the ones that don’t understand the ramifications of their parents decisions to feed them that garbage.

    I know I know, you might start to think I’m a government official myself, but I’m not. Oh speaking of those guys, you understand they too have to pay the very same taxes right, and you know for a fact that those people eat fast food too?

    All in all you make some good points & I understand but you also have to have an open mind & don’t always think their after your money, if that was the case they’d just adjust their whole system & call your country Cub-ania.

    Enjoy life, your fast food & your wallet getting raped by those Romanian Government scum bags.

  9. The intention of lowering the consumption of fast food products is good. Fast food is unhealthy and it’s better to avoid it as much as possible, but adding a tax for it is just absurd…

    There are a lot of bad, unhealthy habits, but you can’t tax people for their habits. It sounds a bit like communism to me. It’s far more civilized to inform the people of the bad effects of the goods they consume.

    People need to be educated, to know what’s good for them, not to be held in a leash like dogs (no offense doggies).