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Watermark My Image – Marian Bucur

Watermark My Image


This plugin enables you to watermark your images, by placing a simple, yet very customizable, watermark beneath the original images (much like the 9GAG watermark).

You can customize the height, the background color of the watermark, you can also choose which image sizes to apply the watermark to and the JPEG quality of the image (if the image is in JPEG format).

Watermark My Image enables you to independently customize two texts, by modifying their font family, font size and color. You can specify a number of values for each text from which a random row will be selected for each image.

You can also customize the text alignment, the spacing between the two texts and the x (if the text is aligned to the left, it’s calculated from the left of the image to the left of text 1; if the text is aligned to the right, it’s calculated from the right of the image to the right of text 2) and y (calculated from the top of the watermark to the heighest point in both texts) offset.


  • GD extension for PHP
  • FreeType Library
  • DOM (if you want to generate watermarks for past images)

P.S.: You can upload your own fonts into the `/wp-content/plugins/watermark-my-image/fonts/` directory

NOTE: If the folder `/wp-content/plugins/watermark-my-image/` contains `wp-watermark.php`, please rename it to `watermark-my-image.php`. I’m sorry for the trouble.

IMPORTANT: This plugin is meant to place a watermark underneath the original image. It is simply a clone of the system 9GAG uses. It is not meant to place a watemark over the original image. If you need something else, consider downloading another plugin. Please rate it for what it’s supposed to do. Thank you.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please backup all the files you are going to watermark and the posts & postmeta mysql tables before you start the watermarking process !


  1. Upload the `watermark-my-image/` folder to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory.
  2. Activate Watermark My Image through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to the Watermark My Image settings page and customize the settings.


Where can I get the attachment ids from ?

You can see the attachment ids simply by going to yoursite/wp-admin/upload.php and hovering over the images. It’s the number right after the attachment_id parameter.

I do not like the watermarks anymore ! How do I remove them ?

In this case, I’m sorry to say, but you will have to do this by yourself. You should have read that **VERY IMPORTANT** note :(


Watermark My Image configuration

Watermark My Image text 1 configuration

Example of watermarked picture

Apply watermark to images that were uploaded before the plugin was installed



  • New feature: the plugin now processes custom sized images
  • New feature: the watermark can now be placed inside the original image


  • New feature: watermarking images that were uploaded before the plugin was installed
  • Added a PayPal donate link on the Plugins page
  • Fixed a few bugs


  • Animated gifs will now be ignored


Watermark My Image 0.21

  1. Awesome plugin. Is there a way to not watermark animated gifs? It is causing it to lose it’s animation.

  2. Hello steph! I’m glad you like it :) I’ll look into it.

  3. Ok, fixed! The plugin should now ignore animated gifs. Thank you for your feedback :)

  4. Thanks! Great support.

  5. My pleasure.

  6. Is possible to apply watermark on images that already exist?

  7. I think so. I`ll look into it soon.

  8. Thanks Marian for the great plugin.

    Is it possible to print the watermark on the image itself, without adding more canvas at the bottom?

  9. Almor, I can do that, but it will overwrite the bottom of the image. You may not want that in some situations.

  10. Marian, thanks for your reply.

    That solution would work for me, because it would keep the image height unchanged.

    You may consider adding that as an option in the plugin.

  11. Hi Marian,
    Great work on this plugin, i totally love it. However, do you have an idea on how i could apply it for existing images on my blog? Not necessarily a setup or option in the plugin, maybe a php file i could write on the server which takes a certain folder as parameter an runs your code over the images there.

    Thanks and good choice with Ovidius univ. Ms Crenguta is a good professor.


  12. Hello Mihai,

    I’m glad you like it :)

    I am working on an updated which will enable users to watermark older images on their blog. It will take another week or two (I hope) because I am busy with other things.

    Stay tuned :D


  13. I have uploaded this pluggin’ and was wondering how I can add a watermark on the image itself. And, can this be done on images already uploaded on my site?

  14. Hello Jim D.,

    The plugin’s purpose is to add a watermark under the original canvas.

    And yes, you can watermark already uploaded images, by using the “Apply watermark” page.

  15. hi,nice plugin, but one problem is, this plugin cant watermark attached image/featured image,

    it only can watermark uploaded image,

  16. Hello Panda. I`ll look into it when I have time, which currently I don’t really have :(

  17. hello how i set the attachment id? its always show me an error something like “”Attachment ID <=" cannot be bigger than " even i input the right id. please help

  18. hello, please help.. the attachment id is not work even i change to any value.

  19. Hello rumah, How do you know it’s the right ID ?

  20. Hello, my blog language turkish,so i have right installed this plugin but i didnt know notcorrect seen my post! :(

  21. Dogan, can you give more details ?

  22. Hey Marian,

    Thanks for this neat plugin, how do you remove the watermark? Somehow I got the watermark twice on my images and I can’t seem to remove the WM.


  23. Hello Javier. I’m afraid you will need to do this manually as the plugin does not come with a recovery system.

    VERY IMPORTANT: Please backup all the files you are going to watermark and the posts & postmeta mysql tables before you start the watermarking process !

  24. Hi Marian,

    Out of interest, if I wanted to add a Chinese language watermark to the bottom how do I change the list of fonts shown?

  25. Hey ash,

    Oh.. Well.. I haven’t tested the plugin with this kind of fonts, but try to upload them to the fonts folder and see if they work.

  26. hey,

    where do i find the attachment id?


  27. Rob, you can see the attachment ids if you go to yoursite/wp-admin/upload.php and hover over the images :) It’s the number right after the attachment_id parameter.

  28. I updated the plugin and it make 500 internal server error everytime an image is uploaded. Can you help?

  29. Hello basibanget, I am sorry to hear that.

    Can you please try this and let me know if it solves your problem: ?

  30. Hi,

    I have been trying to add the watermark and I don’t see the attachment_id. Where would this be?

  31. Hello Tianna,

    Please read the FAQ.

  32. hello
    Is it possible you integrate the option to add the logo of the site mixed with text?. If it’s not in your plans could you please let me know if you can do this customization for me and would you send me a quote?
    Thank you

  33. Hello Andres,

    How do you want to add the logo of the site, as a small image on the colored stripe? If so, I have created an advanced version of Watermark My Image, but it’s a standalone class, not a WordPress plugin. Anyway, if you are interested, you can find it here: Watermark My Image Standalone Class.

    I might create a PRO version of the WordPress plugin, but I am currently working on something else.

  34. Hi, theanks for great plugin. I’m still amazed with wordpress that whenever i need something i just google it and there’s already a plugin ready. I have a problem with attachments ID. I tried the way you described to find it but on the bottom of the page I just get an url with photos name. No id. I’ve searched the web to find a solution and there are only some peices of html code to solve that. Do you know hy i don’t get the attachments ID where it should be? Many thanks!

  35. Hello ilym! I’m glad you like my little plugin. Indeed, you can find pretty much anything for WordPress on Google.

    Let me explain again, maybe you got something wrong:

    – You need to go to the Media Library page (/wp-admin/upload.php)
    – Hover an image and you should get a tooltip (not the tooltip which appears next to the mouse pointer) at the bottom of the browser saying something like /wp-admin/media.php?attachment_id=877&action=edit

  36. When the watermark is not placed inside image, the thumbnails of images are not displayed correctly in admin section (Media gallery, Post’s thumbnail, etc…). WordPress still tries to reach images with sizes as if the watermark is placed inside them (not the images with size that take into account the increased height due to watermark adding).

    Any trick to correct that tiny bug ?

    By the way, great plugin ! Cheers !

  37. Hello Vlady! I’m afraid that for now I do not have the time too look into it :( But I will try to fix this as soon as I have some spare time.

  38. Hi
    how to add watermark to bulk images that already exist?

  39. this plugin doesn’t support Arabic/Persian language txts is it possible to add support for utf-8 uncode?

  40. Hello Ali,

    You can watermark the images that already exist, by using the “Apply watermark” tool, located at /wp-admin/admin.php?page=watermark-my-image/apply.php

    Try uploading an Arabic/Persian font to the fonts folder found in the Watermark My Image plugin directory.

  41. thank you, i uploaded an Persian font to that folder and selected the font in configuration but didn’t solve the problem. (and Tahoma and Arial fonts support Persian/Arabic already exists in fonts folder)
    the problem is letters are broken,
    for example the word “Hi” in Persian should be like this:
    but in this plugin that word is like this:
    “س ل ا م”
    that should be “سلام” not “س ل ا م”

    hope you understand what i meant.

  42. Hello Ali,

    Yes, I understand. I’m afraid I do not have the time to look into it just now… :(

  43. Hi again:
    i have another problem. when i send a photo from my phone using “WordPress for Android” app watermark doesn’t apply for that photo

  44. Hello again, Ali.

    I guess WordPress for Andoid handles the images a bit differently than the regular WordPress uploader.

    I do not have the time nor an Android device to fix this :(

  45. Salut. Am instalat puginul tau, face treaba buna, dar am o mica problema. Nu stiu cum sa dezactivez obtiunea de a modifica imaginile thumbnail. In printscreenul tau apar asa: thumbnail, medium, large si full size; insa ce am eu in pluginul meu este: Medium, Large, Full size si Custom sizes. Ai idee ce se intampla? Multumesc.

  46. Salut. Am facut un update si se pare ca am uitat sa updatez si printscreen-urile. Ceea ce este afisat la tine este ok. Teoretic, el nu ar trebui sa puna watermark si la thumb-uri. Probabil sunt niste imagini custom size. Incearca sa debifezi “Custom sizes” si vezi daca se intampla la fel.

  47. Hey,

    Kindly check this screenshot.

    Preview is not showing. It is working on my locathost but it is not working on my server. Any idea?

  48. Hello Arthur,

    Try to open the preview image in a new tab and tell me what the output is?

    Kind Regards,


  49. Thanks for sharing this nice plugin. Keep rocking!

    Is there possible to remove watermark text background color.

  50. Hey Rajasekar,

    Thank you! :)

    I haven’t implemented background transparency yet, but I might in a future update :D