MB WordPress Calendar Demo

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  1. Can you change the background colors of the colored dates when their is an event? Also, you didn’t show what the categories link does. What are the options there?


  2. Hello Jason.

    The plugin does not have a built-in feature for changing the colors, but you can do that by uploading a CSS file of your own.

    As for the categories, they do nothing for now. I just didn’t feel like removing them from the plugin’s admin section. I guess I should have… They seem confusing.

  3. Hi

    Does this include payment gateway

  4. Hello Victor,

    I’m afraid it does not include a payment gateway..

  5. Hello Marian,

    it would be nice if you create a widget for upcoming events :)

  6. Hey Patrick,

    Yes, I know.. I hear that a lot. Unfortunately, I’m pretty low on time right now. But I’ll work on it as soon as I free my schedule a bit.

    If you’ve got any other suggestions regarding this, please let me know.

    Kind Regards,


  7. Hi

    I dont seem to be able to publish an event with a date beyond the current Date – ??

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